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Essential Oil’s history goes back thousands of years. Although many of them can also be used as a dietary supplement, in concentrated form, essential oils offer targeted and potent health benefits.


Essential oils are the naturally occurring volatile aromatic compounds found in many different parts of the plants including the seeds, flowers, bark, roots, stems, and resin. Other than being wonderfully fragrant, they are also known for their wide applications in beauty treatments, home care, health practices or food preparations. One of my favorite ways to use them is internally, and specially cooking with essential oils is so satisfying ( please click here for some of our unique Yummy's Fit recipes).

Aromatic compounds have many different effects and properties. Essential oils can provide bursts of energies, uplift mood and promote feelings of relaxation, they are purifying to the body's systems, increase digestive health and circulatory function. Essential oils have powerful antioxidant properties and they support healthy free radicals while promoting healthy cellular integrity.


How do we use Essential Oils?


Essential oils can be used as a single oil at a time or as a blend in three different methods.

They can be used in such a big range of emotional and physical wellness applications:

Diffusion (Aromatically) + Topically + Internally ( only doTERRA's essential oils are recommended for internal use ).

Aromatically; it can not only used in a diffuser but also try dispensing a couple drops in the palm of your hand and apply the method of cup-inhaling, allowing the smells to travel to the deepest part of your limbic system.


Topically; essential oils are lipid soluble so it can easily penetrate the skin. They can be applied to a specific area for localized benefit or applied to the bottoms of the feet for a more systemic approach.

To avoid skin sensitivities a fractionated coconut oil is encouraged. Dilution can also increase the rate of absorption.

Never apply any of the citrus oils topically right before exposing yourself to the sun, since they are photosynthetic they will burn your skin.


Internally; essential oils offer surprisingly enhancing possibilities. Just one drop can have powerful health benefits. You can make flavored water with your favorite oils (i.e. just 1-2 drops of lemon or grapefruit essential oil into your water is an amazing way to enjoy your water intake). You can also use them sublingual or by making single shots or blends inside an empty gel capsule.

Most importantly, carefully choose your essential oil resources and testing methods ensuring its quality and purity! Always making sure the oil you intend on using internally have the "supplement facts label" indicating it is safe to do so.


Get in touch so we can share with you how you can invite these amazing plant allies into your day-to-day life.

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