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I'm Caroline, or Carol, Holistic Therapist and seeker of self-knowledge. I am Brazilian, mechanical engineer by trade, Therapist for love.

I am currently 30 years old, and for the past 5 years I have been on my own journey in search of understanding who I am, what my role in the world and society is, and how to exercise this in the best possible way. A year and a half ago I ran into Thetahealing, and since then the dive has become even deeper. Between courses, workshops and books I found myself in love with the world of self-knowledge, so I started to serve people around the world.

Since then I have taken several courses, such as Thetahealing, Quantum Activism with Amit Goswami, Quantum Being, Access Bars, Multidimensional Therapy, among others. Studying became a passion again, which was long forgotten in my childhood.


Today I attend online, with two different types of assistance:

Therapeutic Assistance


This practice is done by video call, on an online session of 1h. I offer a loving and empathetic listening using intuitive techniques of Thetahealing, Quantum Being and Access.


Through a brief meditation to enter a more relaxed state, and some key questions, I become a vessel for the person to access memories and feelings in a safe and quiet way. By listening to those memories and feelings we find beliefs, “truths” that we believed about ourselves and the world, patterns, hurts and resentments, and through verbal commands we can destroy, describe stories, and reframe many traumas, fears and pains through a loving and adult perspective.



Multidimensional Therapy Practice


For this practice we assume that we are all multidimensional beings, which means that we live this physical experience in 3D, but we also have fractals living other realities, for example past, present, future and past lives. All of this exists here and now in some dimension of the Universe.


With the help of a team of Masters and Beings of Light, through a meditation focused on the heart chakra, we intend through the person, and then a transformation begins to happen. Vows, pacts, promises, beliefs, blocks, chakra balance, energetic divorces, balance of Yin and Yang energies (male and female within us, not related to gender), redirecting and mutually transforming the self, energetically and as a whole.



Both practices are done separately, and each session is different. But they are complementary to one another.



During a holistic practice, the goal is always to reconnect with ourselves and our Divine Self, Self-knowledge, clarity, peace, alignment, grounding, being present in lightness ... amongst other enlightenments and empowerment's processes.

These are some of the expected benefits for each service.

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