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Meditation & Integral Revitalization


Meditating can be the Beginning of a new Life!


It is almost certain that a new order will be the reality in a post-pandemic world. Life is already not, and no longer

it will be as we know it. It is always necessary to learn to die, to then be able to be reborn. The new, the

unheard of, the beginning awaits us. And meditation can be a great ally.


What do I need to meditate?

Meditating, first of all, requires an internal attitude. This is not a mere exercise which, repeated to exhaustion

leads to spectacular results. It is, in principle, in essence, a deep understanding of our

need for recollection, silencing the mind, calming the heart, and relaxing the body. It is to seek and

find, more than a relief and protection from stress, the threats and perplexities of life (in

times when these forces show their claws more than sharp), a confidence and will within themselves.


Meditation in medicine.

It is fundamental to also talk a little about meditation associated with science and medicine. There has been already some

years, the U.S. government agency responsible for medical research (NIH)

formally recognized meditation as a therapeutic practice that can be associated with medicine

complementary and preventive.

Among other benefits, meditating prevents and fights depression, high blood pressure, chronic pain, insomnia

anxiety, symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, and help reduce drugs and alcohol dependence.


What happens while you meditate?

These studies show that meditation reduces metabolism – heartbeat and breathing

slow down and the oxygen consumption by the cells also drops. The autonomic nervous system, responsible for

the release of hormones adrenaline and cortisol during times of stress, is also benefited. In

those who meditate, these "alarm reactions" are shorter and less intense. In this way, blood pressure

and the contraction force of the heart is altered for a short time, compromising less our health and well-being. Becoming smarter.

It has also been shown that the brain of those who meditate regularly has greater neuroplasticity.

In other words, this means a greater number of synapses, new connections between neurons, generating

new pathways into a more intense brain activity, with a new and almost inexhaustible potential of learning. In short, we become smarter.


How can I start meditating?

There are numerous meditation techniques. Even meditation in action. I'll suggest two, simple, affordable and

very effective. But it is essential that practices are daily and constant. It's like eating.


Meditation in action:

For example, we can meditate as we walk. It is necessary that the walk be done in silence

that you count your steps alternately. Count a hundred steps on the right foot and then another hundred with

left foot, and so on. At the same time you count, you can also feel the contact

of the feet with the ground.

The voluntary and conscious feeling of any part of the body is also an excellent meditative method. Meanwhile you're getting off

the charge of worries, fears, angers, at last, every kind of

mental and emotional content, bringing life up to your face with a slight smile as you walk. It

will provide a light and agile flow in your footsteps, as well as concentration, peace and joy.


Meditate while breathing (with mantra):

Drive your attention to breathing. Become aware that breathing is a classic and very powerful way

to achieve deep states of inner calm and silence. Sit comfortably in a chair in a

quiet, airy and quiet environment. With your feet well planted on the ground, with your upright spine and body

relaxed, close your eyes and rest your flat hands on your legs. You're going to count your expirations.

Inhale normally effortlessly, and when the air expires, count a digit. Repeat this fifty times, i.e.

you will count fifty expirations. Practice for at least ten minutes. At the same time,

notice and feel the coming and going of your abdomen. When you breathe in, your belly expands, and when you exhale, the

contrary movement, it regathers. Do it in the most natural way possible. Never force your breath.

Restart the count after reaching expiration number fifty. Feeling good about this practice, you'll

end your meditation with the repetition of the mantra "I am silence, I am calm, I am relaxation".

Repeat it at least three times.


Remember that the sea can become violent, that immense and violent waves, true mountains of water

may form, fearing the most intrepid sailors. Meanwhile, the terrifying scene takes place

only on the surface. From a certain depth, there is in the ocean a magnificent peace and calm. For

this, seek and find, every day, the peace and calm that are always waiting for you, under the tsunami of

mental, emotional and physical energies.


 This is the principle of meditation and the beginning of a new life.


Fernando Vianna is an instructor of Meditation and Integral Revitalization. He is an I Ching Consultant and Public \Speaker.



Integral Revitalization practices have as their primary goal the harmonious development of our mental, physical and emotional energies. Done regularly, they provide more health, relaxation and vitality with the best performance of our respiratory, circulatory, immune endocrine and immune systems. They offer lucidity, tranquility, strength, confidence and joy.

As practices, with their slow and ritmados movements and their gentle and deep breathing, added to postural, energetic and philosophical teachings can reveal to practice the reality of being.



Fernando Vianna is an instructor of Meditation and Integral Revitalization. His work is based on Gurdjieff's teaching and Taoism.

He is a consultant to I Ching, speaker and columnist.

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