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Julianna and her Team are intuitive healers, we can immediately pick up on your imbalances.

Our philosophy is to address the root cause of these imbalances, in order to yield the quickest results.

We will walk you through a customized protocol for applying our techniques, procedures and/or essential oils in a detailed step-by-step tutorial, based on your needs.

In most cases, but depending on your specific circumstances, at the end of the session, a regimen of essential oils will be provided to further improve your emotional and physical well-being.


A little bit about Aromatherapy & our dōTERRA's Team:

Essential oils are the naturally occurring volatile aromatic compounds found in many different parts of the plants including the seeds, flowers, bark, roots, stems, and resin. Other than being wonderfully fragrant, they are also known for the wide applications in beauty treatments, home care, health practices and food preparations.

Aromatic compounds have many different effects and properties. Essential oils can provide burst of energies, uplift mood and promote feelings of relaxation, they are purifying to the body's systems, increase digestive health and circulatory function. Essential oils have powerful antioxidant properties and they support healthy free radicals while promoting healthy cellular integrity.

Members Only Resources When You Get started with Us Include:

▪ Welcome package with gifts and tools to use your oils


▪ Weekly inspiration + guidance + mentorship


▪ Video trainings + system support + team calls


▪ Printable documents + materials


▪ Monthly opportunity calls for your prospects


▪ Powerpoint and Canva presentations


▪ Downloadable images + info-graphics


▪ Promotional materials + invitations


Give Aloha with the creation of "Aromas & Ritual"!

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