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Hi! :)

My name is Julianna Vianna, Brazilian descendant but an American by choice for the past 30 years. I started my journey as a very young professional surfer-bodyboarder living in Hawaii in 1991. Today I own a Brazilian Catering & Food Truck business where I get to play and infuse my recipes with my favorite EO’s (essential oils). Our mission is to succeed by delighting and amazing each and every client.


I also work with a few other alternative therapies such as “Reiki Master” practices, “Radiesthesy Graphics & Maps & Charts”  (measuring and balancing energy levels), and as a “Life Coach” consultant as well... among other trades and hobbies.

For the past 3 years I have been devoting my studies to the art of essential oils and how that can help change many lives and becoming our best versions here and now.

As a lover of nature, dedicated to growth and empowerment of all beings, I have found essential oils to be of utmost effect to complement and support this lifestyle I have chosen for myself and the one I would love to share with you, your families and pets!

Health and wellness have always been my biggest inspiration but also some of the biggest challenges in my life. Now to witness these potent plant remedies at work and all other energy related technique’s effectiveness, has finally brought me home, to that complete element you know it could not be any different!


As most of us know, everything has its own divine time… and this is what has transpired …. My holistic journey first started when I realized I needed to breath in order to live, ready to survive! Only later on I understood that our birth right is not only to survive but certainly to thrive and manifest every thought!! Although a bit compromised health wise my entire life, fortunately I was always taken care of with Homeopathic medicine whenever possible! I remember vividly in 1983 I was cured from nephritis (real acute failure condition of the kidneys) with all-natural remedies (mostly homeopathy treatments at the time)! And thinking of it now, that set me off to a beautiful, full of purpose life, even if it was not always an easy and cherry path!

It is a long story, perhaps some other time… But there were certainly twists and turns, delays and distractions, but finally we’ve gotten back into it now! Maybe that’s what life does…. Cycles! :)

I liked this quote: “I went from hot mess to healthy hacks & holistic happiness expert, one badass choice at a time. Now I teach others like YOU to aim towards that same way.”


My synergy outlet and chosen path started with the Source as a rebel surfer Beach-Girl in Sao Paulo Brazil.…. In 1984.


Professional Bodyboarder (surfer) 1988 – 2002


Reiki Usui Master & Shamanic Practitioner 1997 – now.


Taro readings – 1994 – now.


Former Office Manager & Executive Assistant at an International Renewable Energy Corporation 2006 – 2015


Entrepreneur Chef and Owner at Yummy’s Brazilian Catering 2015 – now.


doTERRA Essential Oils Consultant 2018 – now.


Radiesthesist-Radionic 1997 - Akashic Radiestesy (Dowser) 2019 – now.


Certified Life Coach 2019 – now.


dōTERRA Certified Aromatherapy Specialist 2020 – now.


BRATH Brazilian Certified Holistic Therapist 2020 – now.

I am a Lover of the Quantum Physics world, Alternative Therapies & Medicines, Energy & Crystal healings.

Passionate for the opportunity and life purpose of helping all beings; emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially!

As a former Professional Bodyboarder but forever ocean creature, I guess I might be 20% human, 55% mermaid, 20% fairy and 15% Unicorn! Does that makes me a 110% ....? :-o

No wonder I have always had a hard time fitting in :D Are you with me? That is what makes it even better!


​Along with my Team that specializes in many different modalities, my expertise, and best attributes to you, would be with Life Coaching, Akashic Radiestesy (Dowsing, Maps & Charts), Business Financial Freedom Opportunity, Reiki applications, Aromatherapy guidance and Taro readings.

If you would like to know more and perhaps be part of our Team, please tell me a little bit about yourself, and if you have ever experienced with essential oils or any other alternative therapy, have had an account with dōTERRA before or any other affiliations. Please know there is no experience necessary, all training is provided.

By the way, if you have ever had the pleasure of smelling a rose’s fragrance or caught an aromatic whiff of peppermint, then you have experience with essential oils in some way or another. And if you ever felt the chills into your body after a special moment, you have experienced the spiritual world. And now is the time to explore and get acquainted with your true nature!

As a certified Health Advisor, I understand the weight and frustration of feeling like there is more out there for you, but not knowing where to turn first. That’s why my mission is simple: develop a deeper understanding of my client’s or partner’s habits and lifestyle choices, give my clients the wellness education, tools and resources that they may need to feel happy, healthy, and capable of managing life to its fullest.

Get in touch and get started so we can share with you how you can invite these amazing energy allies into your day-to-day life. I would love to hear from you!

A little bit about Aromatherapy & our dōTERRA's Group:

Essential oils are the naturally occurring volatile aromatic compounds found in many different parts of the plants including the seeds, flowers, bark, roots, stems, and resin. Other than being wonderfully fragrant, they are also known for the wide applications in beauty treatments, home care, health practices and food preparations.

Aromatic compounds have many different effects and properties. Essential oils can provide burst of energies, uplift mood and promote feelings of relaxation, they are purifying to the body's systems, increase digestive health and circulatory function. Essential oils have powerful antioxidant properties and they support healthy free radicals while promoting healthy cellular integrity.

Members Only Resources When You Get started with Us Include:

▪ Welcome package with gifts and tools to use your oils


▪ Weekly inspiration + guidance + mentorship


▪ Video trainings + system support + team calls


▪ Printable documents + materials


▪ Monthly opportunity calls for your prospects


▪ Powerpoint and Canva presentations


▪ Downloadable images + info-graphics


▪ Promotional materials + invitations


Give Aloha with the creation of "Aromas & Ritual"!

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